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we make computing personal


  • what is a companion?

    A companion helps people express themselves, go on adventures, and learn who they are.

  • so its like an assistant?

    Companions are similar to other assistive technologies like Siri and Alexa, but with more emphasis on personal growth and self discovery.

explore all the ways companions can help

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Foster Care Companion check it out Coaching Companion check it out Mothers Companion check it out Career Companion check it out Depression Companion Creativity Companion Fasting Companion Treatment Companion
Partner: SigBee


The SigBee Family Companion promotes engaging interactions that help case workers and families alike gauge their situations in greater detail than ever before.

Coaching Companion


An empathetic coaching companion designed to foster self reflection and accountability towards goals and commitments.

Mothers Companion


A mom and baby companion designed to seamlessly keep track and improve the well-being of families, promoting your healthiest self and helping your family thrive.

Career Companion


A career-building companion created to support and assist active job-seekers in collaboration with ThisWay Global.

Depression Companion


Engagement and communication companion designed to make it easier to gather information from patients with behavioral health conditions to send to research staff.

Creativity Companion


A drawing and writing companion designed to co-learn and co-create alongside you. Developed as a proof of concept for Moleskine.

Fasting Companion


Your fasting and progress-tracking companion designed to assist in finding the fasting plan for your lifestyle, and encouraging consistency through check-ins.

Treatment Companion


Your personalized companion for treatment-resistant depression by helping people find cutting edge treatments, and feel confident that their new treatment works.


we understand empathy

We're growing the behavioral graph by mapping human needs to computer interactions and comprehension.

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    Emotional Signal Processors 17
    From basics like sentiment and energy to the more complex mental states like depression and wellbeing.
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    Linguistic Signals 1.2m
    Phrases, words, complexity and more used to describe aspirations by thousands of fascinating individuals.
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    Unstructured Signals 20TB
    Several thousand hours of audio, video, text and other sensory biomarkers.
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    Mood changes 8.6
    Mood changes per person per day. Change is the only thing that doesn’t change!

we care about one thing

Our vision is for Maslo to power a world in which empathetic computing helps us understand ourselves to live creatively and fully… whatever that means for each person. Maslo makes empathetic digital companions to help enterprises better connect to their humans.

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