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Mindful technology is on the rise, but it’s time to think beyond meditation.

There’s a limit to the self-awareness we can generate in our own heads. We’re all holding a thing that can offer us perspective all day everyday — our phones.

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Empathy is the capacity of another to share the real, physical, and material existence of others. Not a copy or reductive summary of the experience but to actually share in the experience of others.

We set out to actually figure out how to increase the empathy of technology.

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As a first of its kind, Maslo aims to measure the impact of personalized AI on a student’s emotional wellbeing by simply  allowing a student to voice their “inner landscape” through thoughts and emotions. A place to record reactions; to share what is angry, sad, or amazing. To capture what was noticed and what shouldn’t be forgotten.

It is a place to reflect on life, wherever you are, and at any time of the day.

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Maslo presents an intriguing opportunity by contributing to positive socio-emotional development in students while reducing the burden on teachers and school support staff by efficiently.”

Michael Stone
Public Education Foundation 
We look forward to partnering with Maslo as we continue research surrounding the use and potentialities of artificial intelligence as a platform for cognitive and emotional development with children who attend our school.”

Alex Morgan
Boulder Journey School
The universe of tools, media platforms, and communication styles has expanded rapidly in the last few years, and new tools are necessary for teachers to support students mental states in a dynamic new world.”

Eric Schweikardt
Modular Robotics